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[Israel] School of beibai
בֵּית בֶּרְל

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Province/State: Jerusalem city: Kfar Saba properties: public school year: 1970 number: 7000 Ministry of education certification: uncertified
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Beibai College is Israel a public research University, founded in 1970. Beibai College consists of 3 departments, namely the College of College of liberal arts, education, and social and cultural. Beibai College to grant Bachelor’s and master’s degrees, the main professional: in Arabic language and literature, art, ceramics, digital art, painting, photography, sculpture, video art, Bible, computer science, environmental and agricultural studies, film studies, history, geography, Hebrew, Israel studies, Israel culture, such as math, science, social studies and civics. Beibai College is equipped with rich experience in the field of the teaching staff to help students to learn effectively. Beibai the tasks and objectives of the Institute are committed to the learning process of personalized, guidance and market-centric, so that every student, regardless of background, can play to maximize their own potential, to successful employment after graduation.

Study abroad costs
Living expenses: 33600-42000 Israel shekels per year for RMB:54385-67981 Yuan/school year

Address: International Academic Relations Beit Berl College Beit Berl, 4490500 Israel
Phone: +972 (0) 9-747-6281,+972 (0) 9 747-6307
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